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Is your organization prepared for the threat from above?

Is your organization tasked with securing large, public, events?

Are you experiencing drone incursions into your secured facility?

Are you responsible for protecting critical infrastructure?

Protect your skies.

From executing lethal combat missions, and delivering illicit contraband into secured facilities, to threatening critical infrastructure and large gatherings, drones have quickly become a legitimate threat to public safety. Whether your organization is looking for a fixed, mobile or software-based solution, Public Safety UAS has partnered with counter-UAS consulting experts and industry-leading counter-UAS solution providers to offer your organization options best suited for your specific need. P.S.U. believes a multi-layered approach is crucial in protecting your airspace and we have done some of the heavy lifting for you. We would be glad to fill you in on things we’ve learned that could save your organization time and valuable resources at no cost to you. Give us a call.   

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